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KIRDARC urges government to develop mountainous communities

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Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Centre (KIRDARC) on Tuesday has urged the government to empower local communities and build resilience of the mountainous  communities.

In a memorandum handed over by  KIRDARC Nepal, on behalf of Nepalese Civil Society Mountain Initiative (NCSMI) and Mountain Partnership (MP) Members Nepal, the organization urged Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gywali  to draw attention of Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)  country members in order to engage civil society organizations and promote mountain economy.

In the memorandum it is written, “We urge government to invest in mountain with special consideration, leading to opportunities of inclusive and just growth and increment in income in the mountain region to address and reduce global inequality.”

KIRDARC called upon the governments of BIMSTEC member countries to focus on the greater cooperation to sustain mountain communities and take bold action on climate change.

BIMSTEC recognizing Mountain Economy as an important issue under BIMSTEC agenda.  Mountain covers 24 % surface area of the earth and globally 12% people inhibit in the mountain region. Mountain is home to vast and diverse plants species and wildlife. It is source of the fresh water and ecosystem services and storehouse of biodiversity.

The 16th ministerial meeting of  BIMSTEC has commenced this morning.

Memorandum handed over by  KIRDARC Nepal