Smugglers’ Secret Haven 2km from Security Post: 20-Day Hideout Uncovered-Digging, Cooking, Rhino Poaching Undetected by Park Authorities

Chitwan - A committee formed to investigate the incident of two rhinos being killed by smugglers in the… .....Read More +

Guterres to attend COP28 meeting with heads of states of mountain countries

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will attend a high-level roundtable with heads of states of mountain countries on December… .....Read More +

Why didn’t the conservationists speak ?

Dear Conservationists, I pen this letter with sincere concern and a sense of urgency. Over the years, your… .....Read More +

Nepal-UAE Forum Sets Stage for Collaborative Growth in Trade, Tourism, and Investment

Ambassador Al Shamsi addressing the forum, articulating a vision of collaborative growth between Nepal… .....Read More +


Aborigine, acculturation, and arrogance Who you are, reflects on the way you Behave to, lack of serenity does… .....Read More +

Why dementia misdiagnose by the health professionals: And Who is dementia specialists?

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Hectic Lifestyle and Our Health

Our life is too busy and it is no more surprising to find a person holding two or… .....Read More +

Business Plan Competition in GEMS School

GEMS School has organized a Business Plan Competition among its students of grades XI and XII, Management Stream… .....Read More +

Fast food multinational companies have adopted double standards

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), in its recent assessment released today, at the beginning of  ‘World… .....Read More +

Hundreds of thousands march for unified Spain

Hundreds of thousands of supporters of a unified Spain filled Barcelona’s… .....Read More +

Glimpses of pink ribbon walk (Photo Feature )

   Get into your shoes and spread the word " a simple test can save your life, visit… .....Read More +

27 cases of dengue infection in Dhading

27 cases of dengue have been detected in Dhading by local clinics and the district hospital.The infection is… .....Read More +

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announces US$200 million pledge to the GFF

The Global Financing Facility (GFF) in support of Every Woman Every Child is launching its replenishment today on… .....Read More +

Students concerned to protect Pangolins

  Greenhood Nepal has completed “Conservation School” in Kavrepalanchok district. The Conservation School was conducted in Shree Ram… .....Read More +

An Antelope Story

Zoological Society of London Library In 2014, an undergraduate student majoring in paper preservation visited the library at… .....Read More +