Smart Telecom offers Double Data


Smart, a telecom company, announced Double Data where the consumers can now avail extra data on their purchase of Smart Data packs or on purchases of Smart recharge cards.

On purchase of any Smart Data pack, consumers now get, double the data purchased. With an option of choosing Data volume from 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB & 5 GB, consumers get extra Data of 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB & 5 GB respectively additional.

Double Data also applies on purchases of recharge cards. The Data, which comes as an additional benefit on every recharge, now gets doubled in line with the campaign. With the array of Data lined up from 200 MB to 3 GB, now, consumers can avail Double Data of 200 MB to 3 GB respectively, at the very same price. On every recharge of Rs. 100, consumers get Rs. 98.04 as a Main Balance and 200 MB+200 MB, 10 Minutes and 10 SMS as an additional benefit. Similarly, on recharge of Rs. 200, consumers get Rs. 196.08 as a Main Balance and 400 MB+440 MB, 20 Minutes and 20 SMS, on recharge of Rs. 500, consumers get Rs. 490.20 as a Main Balance and 1.5 GB + 1.5 GB, 100 Minutes and 100 SMS and on recharge of Rs. 1000, consumers get Rs. 980.40 as a Main Balance and 3 GB + 3 GB, 200 Minutes and 200 SMS, as an additional benefit.

This offer has been provided in context with the Freedom campaign, Smart had launched earlier this year. The whole purpose of this offer is to provide freedom to Smart users and not restrict them to do what they love the most.


About Smart

Smart Telecom, the third largest telecom company in Nepal, is a private company providing telecom services that is actively involved in meeting the needs of Nepalese citizens for easy access to information and communication by providing them quality services.

Established in July 1, 2008, Smart Telecom first started providing its service in the rural areas and got its unified license in 2013. Smart Telecom currently is the third largest company in the telecom sector in Nepal with a strong workforce of highly qualified personnel.




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