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Wow it’s a 21st century, the period of development,
Today we see rockets in a sky more than the birds fly
Now we listen smart phones progresses more than a baby cry
Wow it’s a 21st century, the period of development
Here are the smart cities with the impure air to breath
Here are the water bodies linked to industrial drainage facilities
Here are the mountains with no snow left to cover their bodies
Here are the rivers that going to engulf the so called smart cities
Wow it’s a 21st century, the period of development

Respected global leaders I am an ordinary girl from a small town of small country Nepal which used to be known as the world in itself during my primary school days now the new name for my country is still unknown to me. Firstly let me congratulate you all for the massive success on the digitalization of the developed world.

Dear leaders behind the glamorous life of developed people of over developed countries there are many other people who are living their life under the shade of darkness and misery. No doubt the world is progressing and we really feel very proud to be the child, youth and the experienced elders of this era but behind this proud eyes there is a heart weeping inside in a fear that these eyes won’t be able to handover our earth to the future generations.

The simple pattern of rainfall, temperature, light, humidity, seasons that regulates the natural ecosystem and enable our survival is the climate. Climate is our need, our friend but what if the same climate turns to be the enemy and the one who is responsible for the change in climate is none other than the so called social, intelligent and enthusiastic animals i.e. We humans.

The temperature is increasing in the alarming rate, there is the irregular pattern of rainfall, the microbes in the soil are losing their life, the snow is melting, the sea level is raising, the deserts are increasing, the glacial lakes are bursting, the soil is turning to be dead, the air is toxic, the water is poisonous, the rain is carrying acid with it and the ozone is ready to disappear. Being a child of nature we have left not a single place to kick our mother and jump in her lap with the boots of metal. We have successfully turned our nature to be the ugliest one.

Leaders!!! Look the highest peak of the world Mt. Everest has such a black shade in it like a burnt skin, the Maldives is drowning and people are raising the hands for help, oh !!! Don’t worry it’s

Not your country and they are not your people, leaders!!! Have a look over the Africa (it’s too hot, the skin is burning, it’s impossible to survive anymore) no no no keep your silence on because it’s not you who is dying, leaders!!! Polar bears, snow leopard, rhinos, giant horn bill all waved good bye to us but wait it’s not you who is leaving the world so silence is still the better option. Leaders!!! Plants are dead, the field is naked and we are running out of food and now you realize it’s your turn but look all other are dead, no one is here to listen to you, no one is here to work in a group to save you because it’s too late, yes it’s too late leaders it’s too late. If you can’t take any action today then it will really be late.

This is the time we need to act globally to protect our earth, our mother is expanding the help for hands from her millions of children so can’t we expand our helping hands towards her.

General Secretary of united of nations( Ban Ki- Moon) says ” we are the first generation to end poverty and the last generation that can take steps to avoid the worst impacts of climate change”

Leaders we have everything gifted to us by our beautiful nature. We have lakes, rivers, seas, oceans that flows with the pure deep and cool water and inhabitants millions of phytoplankton and zooplankton so let’s not pollute them with the industrial discharges.

We have a large forests with the tall trees, medium shrubs and small bushes that bloom on their own way and help us inhale the pure fresh air that reaches straight to our lungs and increases our lifetime. So let’s not destroy them in the name of settlement and please stop cutting the trees and burning the forest just for the industrialization that only excretes the dirty impure air.

We have the fertile soil that enables us to meet our hand to the mouth by allowing the plants to grow in its lap. So stop polluting and making it dead by spraying pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals. We have pure air, beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritages so stop damaging them with the harmful greenhouse gases. Being natural and down to the earth is the best way to respect the nature.

In Nepali there is a poem that says “where shall we Nepali go if there is no Nepal left” similarly” where shall we people go if there is no earth left.” President of France (Francois Holland)  says,” We have a single mission: To protect and hand on the planet to the next generation” 

Everyone loves progress, development and a sophisticated life but the addiction to the development in such a way that leads to the destruction of the world is not acceptable. Development and the collaboration with nature should go parallel because if it fails we will fail to handover our planet to the future generation. So think wisely and make the policies for the world because I strongly believe in  think locally act globally.

(This is the one of the Winner Blog organized by Nepalese Youth for Climate Action-NYCA on the topic “My Message to Global Leaders: Based on Climate Change.)