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Climate change: A Burning Issue

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Most intellectual creature to ever walk Earth is destroying their only home. Human beings are trying to be superior then nature which is just inanity. They are destroying their whole life including whole biota. One of the major hampers on environment caused by immortal activities of human is climate change.

Climate change refers to unusual change in weather condition. Hence, the significant change in the average weather in due course of time on the Earth or in any parts of it due to fluctuation in atmospheric temperature, wind flow, rain fall, etc is called climate change. It is real threat to the live in the world that largely affects water resources, agriculture, coastal region, fresh water habitats, vegetation, forests, snow cover and melting and geological process such as landslide, deforestation and floods.

The world, mainly the developed nation where urbanization as well as industrialization is increasing rapidly worried about it. Not only this, least developed countries like ours are also suffering just because of its adverse effects. There’s no myth concerning climate change, only vested interests arguing over humanities role in our current climate change event. The planet is experiencing a period of warming that is without equal within any of our historical data.

Must confronting of all is that humanity is significantly influencing this current event and has the ability to mitigate the consequences. According to the survey, Nepal has warmed up to 1.69˚C from 1850. Himalaya has warmed up with a rate of 0.06˚C /yr from 1982-2006. Similarly, national climate change Impact survey 2016 also has got of data related to climate change and its impacts. Recently, Katowice climate change conference is being held in Katowice, Poland which started from 2nd Dec and will be ended on 14th Dec. United nation framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC) secretariat is working with government of Poland to make all necessary arrangement for conference.

Despite of tremendous number of debate, discussion and seminar on the topics like ‘climate change’, ‘Global warming’, ‘environment degradation’ including other terms which can be considered as question mark for human existence, no positive result can be seen. These lecture, seminars and so called interaction program seen like elephant teeth which is just for show only.

Laws and policy which are present only in written from are not implement practically moreover, these laws are introduce, and amended by so called upper hand group of people only. But, a layman being in the shade of this sector, goes on degrading the environment unknowingly. Some of the human activities like burning of fossil fuels and conversion of land into agriculture propose randomly are the major causes of climate change. Deforestation result in the increase of carbon dioxide which is one of greenhouse gases that increase the temperature of Earth

Hence, it becomes duty of human to conserve nature. But the enormity of global warming can be daunting and dispiriting. So, what can one person, or even one nation do on their own to slow and reverse climate change? Here are some wedges for nation to utilize towards this goal. These may be challenging but feasible, and could reduce greenhouse gases emission to safer levels. Firstly, burning of coal, oil and other nature gases should be eliminated. In addition to this, the old vehicles that throw out harmful gases should be replaced by the new ones.

Investing in new infrastructure, or radically upgrading existing highways and transmission liens would help cut greenhouse gas emission and drive economic growth in developing countries. Similarly, the easiest way to cut back on green house gas emission is simply to buy less stuff. Whether by forgoing an automobile or employing a reusable grocery sack, cutting back on consumption result in fewer fossil fuels being burned to extract, produce and ship products around the globe. Every year, 33 million acres of forests are cut down. So, it necessary to protect forests in order to reduce percentage of carbon as well as to maintain greenery.

A greater resolve is needed on behalf of all world countries to stand by the promises made to reduce carbon emission to achieve our objectives by the target, 2020. Nation must work towards the common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emission. Also reducing global warming and addressing climate change is the responsibility of not only government but also its citizens. We should collectively work to save energy by reducing unnecessary water usage, saving electricity, using public transport, recycling plastic bottle and waste. If we don’t, then who else will?