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Three Rhinos translocated from Chitwan to Shuklaphanta

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Three Rhinos have been translocate to Shuklaphanta National park from chitwan National park. The Rhino Translocation began from the Monday morning. One male Rhino was translocated on Monday in Shuklaphanta. A pair of Rhino is being moved in today evening in the Shuklaphanta .

According to Chitwan National park Information officer, Nurendra Aryal ,”The search for the rhinos in the jungle will continue daily until the target is not met .”

Nepal government has target of translocating five rhinos to sukhlapatha . The translocation process is going on in the collaboration with government and conservation partners. In the period of 30 years , 92 rhinos have been translocated from chitwan national park to others parks .

30 elephants with mahouts , 30 support staff and 10 CNP rangers are deputed to catch rhinos for the translocation project .