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International conference on climate change kicks off

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The International conference on understanding climate change and enabling climate action in the Hindu Kush Himalaya has kicked off in the Kathmandu.

The three day long conference is being organized by Ministry of population and environment, Government of Nepal and International center for integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), with the participation of the Intergovernmental panel on climate change .

The objective of the program are to raise awareness, to promote knowledge sharing and to present the findings of climate change studies and enable climate action. In the event there were sessions for interaction with business leaders, mountain communities, the local scientific community and civil society .

A Half day media workshop was also organized to foster a better understanding among news media and youth about climate science, solutions to climate change, and the IPCC process. Media workshop has brought together 27 media persons representing print broadcast and online media from Bangladesh, India ,Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan