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Colorful birds of Chitwan National park (Photo feature)

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A visit to Nepal remains incomplete without seeing the beauty of Chitwan National Park. The beauty of Chitwan National Park and uniqueness can’t be described in the words. The park is the last surviving example of the natural ecosystems of the ‘Terai’ region and covers subtropical lowland, wedged between two east-west river valleys at the base of the Siwalik range of the outer Himalayas. Photojournalist Sagar Giri has captured colorful birds in different period of time with his camera. These birds are basically found in the Chitwan National park. There are 886 species of birds in the country, more than 550 species in the Chitwan National Park. Let’s see the colorful birds of Chitwan National Park captured by lens of his camera.

Photo : Sagar Giri 

Asian Openbill
Asian Pied Starling
Black Winged Kite
Cattle Egret
Common Greenshank
Common Hoopoe
Great Tit
Grey Backed Shrike
Grey Wagtail
Indian Pond Heron
Paddyfield Pipit
Red naped Ibis
Asian Koel
White Throated Kingisher