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A Woman’s Anti-Poaching Journey Across China

The bodies of dead animals are strewn around a cold, dark cellar. Disguised as the owner of a… Read More +

100 full moons: Blazing fireball lights up Arctic sky

Screenshot image of the fireball that lit up Finland sky giving off what scientists… Read More +

Project formulation for building climate resilience in vulnerable watershed

“Developing Climate Resilient Livelihoods in Vulnerable Watersheds in Nepal”, a Least Developed Country Fund  ( LDCF) / Global… Read More +

Tiger counting will begin from Nov 30

Government has decided to count the number of tiger beginning from November 30. Due to upcoming federal parliament… Read More +

WWF India finds photo evidence of snow leopard in Arunachal Pradesh

The species was found during a state-wide survey carried out by WWF India in collaboration with the state’s… Read More +

One more female rhino rescued

One more female Rhino has been rescued today from sugarcane field… Read More +

Scientists split over snow leopard status

Image copyrightSNOW LEOPARD TRUST Image captionSome experts are critical of the threat to snow leopards being downgraded Scientists… Read More +

Midnight madness…

At around midnight on Saturday, a mad elephant created mayhem in Urlabari, Morang. A wild elephant that strayed… Read More +

Nepali rhino rescued from India

One-horned rhino, which was swept away by… Read More +

Rhino horn trade will threaten its existence: US wildlife advocate

Allowing trade in rhino horns in South Africa will undercut enforcement efforts… Read More +

Nepali Rhinos swept away to India

Two rhinos that were swept away by flood in the Rapti River at Chitwan National Park (CNP) have… Read More +

Meet Vava Suresh, A Wildlife Conservationist Who Has Saved More Than 100 King Cobras

A phone rings.... : Hello, is this Vava Suresh? A panicked voice from the other end asks. : Yes : Sir, there is… Read More +

Restaurant of Vulture: Jatayu Restaurant

Vulture, a fairly common natural scavenger birds about two decades ago are in grave danger of extinction across… Read More +