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Meet Vava Suresh, A Wildlife Conservationist Who Has Saved More Than 100 King Cobras

A phone rings.... : Hello, is this Vava Suresh? A panicked voice from the other end asks. : Yes : Sir, there is… Read More +

Restaurant of Vulture: Jatayu Restaurant

Vulture, a fairly common natural scavenger birds about two decades ago are in grave danger of extinction across… Read More +

Striped Hyaena : Species to know

  Striped hyaena belongs to family hyaenidae, in the order carnivore. The general appearance of hyaena suggests its… Read More +

5 ways animals use mud

Discover the different ways that mud can be used by wildlife. House martins build… Read More +

23 Chitals ‘died ‘ last fiscal year in Parsa National Park

Twenty –there chitals (spotted deer) have reportedly died in the Parsa National Park (PNP) in the last fiscal… Read More +

Missing Two Rhinos from Parsa

Rhinos are missing from Parsa National Park since last year. Two male's rhinos went to Rautahat last year… Read More +

Nepal safari camp ends elephant-back tours

In Nepal’s Chitwan national park, elephants are now being used as walking guides in the jungle rather than… Read More +

Tourist activities affecting the wildlife: Study

The study in Chitwan National Park (CNP) shows that high inflow of tourists and their different activities affected… Read More +

Evermore: ravens can plan for the future, scientists say

The captive ravens in the study were tested on two tasks: using tools and… Read More +

Scientists say massive iceberg has broken off in Antarctica

This is a Feb. 2017 image of the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica… Read More +

Photographer took 6 years and 720,000 photos to capture this award-winning photo of a bird

This story shows how far a person is willing to go in order to achieve their dreams and… Read More +

Map drawn to predict next virus jump from mammals’

A study has suggested that scientists could predict where on the planet the next virus could jump from… Read More +

Climate change posing grave threat to Himalaya region

People still doubt about climate change. Is it real? Is it happening? Well, it is real and is… Read More +

Local People have closed Jungle for red panda’s breeding season

Kathmandu In a bid to conserve the critically endangered Red Panda, locals have declared Langtang National Park as… Read More +

18 Rhinos died in one year

In the last one year, 18 Rhinos died… Read More +