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Seabirds wash up dead on Cape Cod coast stumping scientists

Large birds are washing up and dying on the Cape Cod coast, and scientists are stumped on the… Read More +

Connecting people to nature

Connecting people to nature”, the theme for World Environment Day 2017, encourages us to explore relationships between humans… Read More +

Nepal celebrates anniversary of Mount Everest conquest

A Nepali man runs with his national flag during a marathon to mark the… Read More +

Vulture population stabilising in Nepal

The 13th National Annual Vulture Survey has revealed that the number of white-rumped vulture in Nepal has increased… Read More +

Nepal successfully collars four snow leopards in four years

A snow leopard was successfully collared in Kangchenjunga Conservation Area on 8 May 2017 making it the fourth… Read More +

Nine bird species vanish from Kathmandu Valley

A migratory bird takes off in a misty morning at Taudaha Lake, in Kathmandu,… Read More +

Everest 2017: 14 climbers make first summit of the season

Fourteen climbers, including members of serving soldiers from across the Brigade of Gurkhas and high-altitude mountain guides reached… Read More +

Name sought for rare albino orangutan rescued in Indonesia

A conservation group is asking the public to name a rare albino orangutan that was rescued from villagers… Read More +

Red Panda: Perception and Conservation

Red Panda is a red cat bear, which is called Habre in Nepali. It is a Himalayan member… Read More +

This Bug Can Eat Plastic. But Can It Clean Up Our Mess?

Wax worms are common insects that evolved to live in bee hives. Now we… Read More +

In South Florida, green iguanas spread into suburban scourge

Perched in trees and scampering down sidewalks, green iguanas have become so common across South Florida that many… Read More +

Three Rhinos translocated from Chitwan to Shuklaphanta

Three Rhinos have been translocate to Shuklaphanta National park from chitwan National… Read More +

Leopard in news, wild cat in real

The news that soon become the viral about the leopard came in the Tribhuvan International Airport was not… Read More +

New Zealand river granted same legal rights as human being

Prince Harry paddled down the Whanganui river during a visit to New Zealand in… Read More +

contribution of communities in conservation

National Conservation Day organized today under the leadership of the Government of Nepal was celebrated with the theme,… Read More +