Young Green Grocer Tarkariwali Ideanity out

A ' Tarakariwali , a Nepalese vegetable seller girl , is the new buzzword on the internet because of her good looks and smile .

According to The Gundruk post , Tarkariwali is Kusum shrestha from the Gorkha district west Nepal, to be specific from Bhumlichok village Devsthan. Her parents are ordinary people who depend on farming. Kusum is a management student at 11th standard in nearby school at Chitwan who helps her parents in selling fresh vegetables.

Rupchandra Maharjan clicked the women'picture near the ' Fishling suspension bridge between Gorkha and Chitwan .

A few weeks ago people over the internet was going gaga over blue-eyed Arshad Khan tea-seller but now there is a new entrant who is making a million heats a flutter. Twitter's heart beats for women from Nepal now.

Internet users are happily hitting the share button to let everyone know that this particular vegetable seller is really beautiful. Social media user are also reportedly very impressed with the work she does and is using the hashtag# tarkaliwali .

Twitter as the #Tarkariwali who is becoming more popular. People in the twitter tweet desrcibing her as "Mixer of beauty and hardwork."

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