World Wood Day celebration began

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The 4th world wood Day is celebrating in Nepal in the theme of Nature and Culture.World wood Day is celebrating at National Academic Hall. Wood Day exhibition will be up to 25th March. Over 100 countries and regions share their unique culture. In the event president Bidhya Devi Bhandari said that in the birth, Marriage ceremony the tradition of planting should be develop.

Dr Andrew wong , Representative of International Union of Forest Research organization add that Forest product is necessary for greenery society .
Different National and International performance perform in the program.

There are different Art of wood Like doll , toys , dress and many more in the more than 50 stall. World Wood Day is a cultural event held annually to raise awareness of wood as an eco-friendly renewable biomaterial and demonstrate the key role of wood in a sustainable future. The first World Wood Day event took place in Tanzania in 2013, casting special attention to cultural approach in wood.The 2014 World Wood Day in China examined wood in a changing culture.