Quick Adoption of Change: A Generation Disparity

Once, surfing the internet I went through a saying "there is nothing permanent except the change". It made me think twice and concluded, change is inevitable. Sometimes we feel the change, but we could not touch it. The lives, every walk of our life have been changing due to the change in media, society or to the whole arena. The change has the global effect. Mass media, social media, and the smartest techno-generation and the technological changes have brought the change in our day to day affairs. We are acting as a traditional citizen, but at the same time, we are surrounded by smartest techno-device and our own smartest child and generation. Sometimes we became amazed that what we could not do easily with the latest technology, our small child can easily do it. So the change in the field of technology is smart, and the newest generation is smartest.

It is worthwhile to say, technology determines everything. There is the technological determinism in every sector. They have changed the perspective to look something into. They have made the life smarter than previously we had. The day to day activities are getting done with it. The entire life aftermath will itself be the smartest life. The age itself is the smart age. The modern thought is guided accordingly. The visualization of ideas is channeled through the glance of change that we can adopt, that we can practice. Get sniffed real change we are facing today.

The elegant miniature tools have a massive effect in our life. The way we people think and the way that the young think goes in very different ways. The thinking of modern generation, born with smart tools always searches the smartest vision. We have the right to be unaware, semi-aware about the technology, but we cannot criticize the idea, different perspective or the smartest feeling of the new generation. Because we are judging them, the new ideas, from the very old approach. We, the old people, are the pre-internet generation and the new generation is the post- internet generation.

In one hand, the old generation takes ideas in a more analogue manual. We think what the things and the action ought to be, very idealistic, idiosyncratic. On the other hand, modern generation is like the Smartphone. Practically you have filled the differences between old key-press cell phone and the Smartphone. What on earth! That is the reality.

The real example can be seen in our household life or at the office you can smell the reality, we parents at home, might say 'why don't you do this? Should not it be like this?' But our children, in the same time, for the same action, think it differently. The mother is worried about her daughter not doing the household work, but at the same time, the daughter is worried about her action and the creativity of the action. The father even seems worried about his son not being an heir, but the son is worried about the life from the next side. An old professor or a teacher in a private school or a Discipline Counselor (DI) in a college may ban a Smartphone taking it as an unnecessary tool even for the graduate and post-graduate students. They could not bear in mind that how much a Smartphone can help for a professional life or for the learning new things, as a reader, browser, dictionary, working tool, calculator, etc. for the smart life.

The difference between the old and new generation is that the old manually operated generation has also owned a five-inch width Smartphone. We operate it by looking under the old glass from the open areas on two sides of the nose. Even at our home, we might grin at 3 years old grand/daughter looking how smartly she swifts the pages of the phone and browsing it for the baby-song if it buffers for the long, says granny! Granny Wi-Fi is not working! Amazingly the generation is smart. If you are just even two years older you are less smart than younger. There are no any phrases to refer the series of age like the series of the Smartphone. I even could not guess 'in which generation do I fall'.

I even split, I am also late to swift the smartest pages, to run with the amazingly growing up new generation.

The very word "SMART" is tongued everywhere by city dwellers. We are planning to make everything smart. Even there is the concept of smart cities. They are also the vision of the smart generation. No matter your age is old; sometimes they may come with very smart ideas. But the reality in our country is that very educated people who are very young in age, smartest in a look up, may have the junked thought, deprived thinking.

The technological development has even brought the thought forward. So the new generations have the smartest thought. They are in silently secret. Once they get a chance they will come forward.

The hand, the eyes and the mind of the new generation are supported by a techno-friendly concept. At the age of two, a child simply can react for the different sign of technology. They can play a video. They know the pause, stop, play, forward button easily. We have to search for long to get acquainted. They wait for browsing sign and replay for buffering. Another amazing fact is - if you give the chance to see your use of facebook, in their next use they open photos and hit the like button scrolling down the page.

Ideas are Ideas. Creativity can bring the real change. Ideas should be changed into a dream. The dream should be changed into action. Steve Jobs made the world one step different. We should not be afraid of the mistake. He quoted "Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations. Mark Zuckerberg added another step in the field of social media which started a new era in media generation. There are other many tiny and massive steps laid by such minds and we people are being led. The globe has been steered and guided by these generations. "The gray hair is not the sign of maturity" seems worth mentioning here.

Parents, teacher, stakeholders, whosoever shapes the future of our children, should not forget the creative schooling and creative gardening of them. We should make them creative. We have given birth to many Jobs and Zuckerberg, but we could not give the proper environment to be so. We should place them in the cultivate ground in a different way.

The Parroting techniques and the drilling of the word meaning, as we did in the 4th grade of the school education, could not do any better for the future of our seeds. Along with the environment, we should make the ground cultivate. Then only we can spur the bright future of our children from good parenting and schooling. Up to the age of 4/5, we have to keep our children in a warm affection but after this age, we should keep them in a real and firm discipline. This should not be very impulsive and prerogative. Every action should be smart and your generation should be guided smartly. Then only such minds can make everything smart, can do everything smartly. Some changes are not the right fit for us, which is ok, but the adoptable change should be accomplished. I salute the smart generation. They should bring the change everywhere. They should start the smart path today. Then only we old people are obliged to embrace the change today.

Nature Khabar