Fixing Corona (Poem)

How life had taken a turn,
helplessly counting the deads and infected,
waiting inside the four walls amidst a lockdown,
some frustrated,some optimistic,some creative, some realistic

for some its bonding time and for many its a disaster,
for the rich its show off and the poors are praying hard,
the most powerful institutions caught napping,
the humble and emotional chose social distancing

they called it COVID-19 caused by a virus,
only God knows whether its a conspiracy for supremacy,
of names of borders of ideologies or of egos,
the suffering is for everyone but lessons for none

CORONA is a question to human greed,
how humans have arrested the freedom of nature??
how detached humans are from reality??
how quickly humans will regain their space once this is over??

but I as an individual can change,
I am so happy to breathe the fresh clean air,
I am elated to see the wildlife gently flourish,
Its only me who is fighting this war,

there are multiple fronts of doctors of nurses of sanitary workers of police and many more,
its only me who is broken and sad,
lets see to it that we have an agreement,
respect and value life of us,of living beings and of our Planet.

(Sahu is  a Freelance Journalist  at Bhubaneswar,Odisha)

Nature Khabar