Wake up ! It’s time for nature

It has been long since we have been careless. We, humans are lost into the materialistic world. We do not care of anyone or anything. We are being selfish. We do not care for our mother nature. Nature is continuously supporting our life by providing each and every resources we need. But we are not realizing this. The way we are exploiting the natural resources is leading us towards the path of fragility.

The food we eat, the air we breathe, the furniture where we rest on after all rush in our life, the planet where we are surviving, each and everything comes from nature to us. Mother nature is here supporting all type of life forms without thinking about herself, but the activities shown by humans are slowly targeting towards destruction of nature.

Nature is the common home for all the creatures, but due to various human activities, millions of plants and animals are in the verge of extinction. We are turning this beautiful nature into a place that is unsuitable to live in for many creatures. We totally depend on nature for our food, energy. We are using the resources recklessly. Mother nature nurtures us despite of various destructions, but do we?

So, wake up humans, be conscious. It's time to be alert. It's time for nature now.

It's time that we have to take our responsibility to protect nature.

It's time for nature, for we need to create wildlife a good future.

It's time for nature for our future generations need to be nurtured.

It's time for nature, to get a hunger free world, to be free from starvation.

It's time for nature, for we need to save our planet.

It's time for nature for we have to ensure our future.

It's time for nature, for wildlife to exist in future.

It's time for nature, to ensure a beautiful life for all creatures.

It's time for nature for our co-existence in future.

It's time for my planet and your planet.

It's time for OUR PLANET.

Wake up! Indeed it's time for nature.

Sharma is a Coordinator of Society for Wildlife Research and Conservation (SOWREC) and Student of Forestry in Institute of Forestry(IOF),Pokhara 

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