UAE Highlights Water Scarcity: A Global Threat to Security and Prosperity

NEW YORK: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has taken a significant step forward by releasing a comprehensive discussion paper, 'Ripple Effect Water Scarcity – The hidden threat to global security and prosperity.' Presented by the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the United Nations General Assembly's General Debate, the paper highlights the pressing challenge of global water scarcity and urges a collective international response.

The paper reveals that water scarcity is swiftly emerging as a global crisis that needs urgent action. Astonishingly, about four billion people worldwide grapple with water scarcity for a minimum of one month each year, a statistic expected to climb in the upcoming years. The paper warns that if the current trends continue, the world will witness severe consequences, including loss of life, food crises, economic downturns, humanitarian emergencies, forced migrations, geopolitical strains, and even potential armed conflicts. Notably, despite its imminent threat, water scarcity hasn't attracted the same level of public and financial attention as other global issues, such as climate change and pandemics.

His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE's Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced the paper's release, expressing, "With the mounting challenge of water scarcity and its deep-rooted global implications, the UAE has launched this discussion paper today. Our aim is to catalyze a coordinated global response and to initiate new avenues of collaboration to counter this multifaceted global risk."

The UAE government underscores the need for global solidarity and fresh approaches to confront the impending water scarcity issue. The paper serves as a global call to action and an invitation for collaborative efforts to tackle this pressing concern.

Sheikh Abdullah further highlighted the UAE's unwavering commitment to the issue, stating, "Positioned at the epicenter of the looming water scarcity crisis and as a staunch supporter of international dialogue and cooperation, the UAE is committed to elevating global awareness on this issue and to galvanize a strong and united global response to the threat it poses to humanity."

In light of the intensifying water scarcity crisis, the UAE believes that the global community must recognize the immediate and severe nature of this threat. It's evident that unchecked water scarcity will have widespread repercussions, emphasizing the need for swift and coordinated global action.

The UAE's trailblazing discussion paper is a testament to its commitment to fostering international cooperation and raising awareness about the urgent issue of water scarcity. The world's response to this call will be crucial in shaping the future of global water security and ensuring prosperity for the coming generations.

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