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Young creativity Apps of global and local challenge

The International space Apps challenge is an international mass collaboration focused on space exploration that takes place over 48 hours in cities around the world. It was organized fifth time worldwide. The International Space challenge 2016 was held in Kathmandu on 23 to 24 April 2016 in Kathmandu. There were 63 participants, 53 male and 10 female participants .The challenges area: Technology, Aeronautics, space, station, solar system, Earth and Journey to Mars. Some of the Young creativity apps feature are listed below:

Local challenge (ICIMOD) : Landslide Early Warning system
The system senses the environmental changes in the landslide probable areas and analyses the changes as it alerts according to the analyzed results. They have taken into consideration topographical and environmental factors to create landslide early warning system.

(Apps By Bishal Bhandari , Suroj Burlakoti , Prakash Rai )

Global challenge: Earth Live
The area they intend to cause an impact is the perspective of people towards space Exploration. Most people on earth have a negative idea of space Exploration. This team believes it is a waste of time and resource. They have used EONET ( Earth observatory natural event metadata linking to web service –enabled image sources.

( Apps by Mohit shrestha , Nutan Nepal , Surya Gyawalli , Bijaya Dangol )

Global challenge: Book it to the moon

'Flash ' made an application that gave the information in an ' edutainment ' way, by combining education and entertainment. This application is targeted towards the children towards the children who can use it to explore interesting facts and tales about the moon. The main feature of the app is that it can track the moon location and show it according to the user's GPS location. It gives information about the distance from the moon and its different lunar phase.

( Apps by Bharat Khanal , Chhunu Chaulagain , Sylvia Shakya , Bijan Maharjan )

Global challenge: simspace

This Team simulated the environment on Mars with virtual reality effect using Google VR cardboard. They created VR android application for UX design with unity and developed condition that are similar to the one in Mars . The navigation gives the liberty to freely explore the environment.
( Apps by Kaushal Wagle , Bikram Shrestha , Bishal Mahat , Kushal Wagle )

Global challenge: Aircheck
This application aims to assist its users by giving information on the quality of air when people travel to a new location or when they want to know about it in the place of their residence. They have created a web and mobile solution to give location based air quality measurement and presents the information using interactive web based visualizations.

( Apps by Narendra Chitrakar , Nishla Shakya , Mahesh Kafle , Kiran Kumar Chaudhary , Jhonson Bokati)

Local Challenge ( RERL) : Renewable Energy survey Tool

This tool gives both the surveyor and the associated partners an easy to manage and analyze platform. The data is collected in offline mode and is automatically uploaded as soon as the device connects to the internet. This tool has been made flexible so whatever questionnaire is important can be easily transferred to the surveyor. This gives an almost real time modification for the survey.
The survey tool's major feature is its ability to change the questionnaire only from the server, thus providing security as well as flexibility based on the needs.

( Apps by Rabin Banjade , Diwakar Serala , Kapil Devkota , Priti Oli )

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