Metropolitan Dream: Mono Rail, Smart Toilets, smart Cities, and Its Reality

We heard the newly elected metropolitan members have envisioned the smart city with monorails running on the elevated way and the citizens being facilitated with the smart toilets. Ok, granted. It is pleasant to hear praiseworthy decision to see its dwellers blissfully living in the city, enjoying the facilities provided. It is a dream of every citizen to live in problem-less and, spotlessly clean city that is in perfect harmony with latest technology (smart city).

But reality of the city is something different. It is not surprising to see a man feeling insecure to walk on the subways. As it rains heavily for even half an hour the roads are never to be seen till the rain water covers them. It is difficult to discover whether a person is walking on the road or above the drainage.

A school girl (Bidya sapkota, Brihaspati Vidya Sadan, Naksal) who misjudged her footing, nearly lost her life in Samakhusi, as she fell inside the Hume pipe and was drained some thirty meters down, that is meant to drain the rain water. The other school girl Binita Phuyal (Eureka School) lost her life on the way to her home due to the same reason. No one can imagine such bizarre in life.
Thanks to the rescuers of Bidhya for their quick response to save her life in meantime.

These are just the few examples that came into surface. Most of the people in the city are linked with either this or that problem. There are no enough cross roads, almost complains unheard, no supervision for food adulteration etc.

Even though, the consumers are aware about their health and their surrounding, they can do nothing but just look at the folly. Who is to be blamed for such unsystematic development plan and irresponsibility of the stake holders?

It is easy to puzzle the citizens with buzzing words of development but materializing them is a real challenge. Sharing the dream of development is right but the question is how far the aforementioned dreams are realistic? Are they achievable with almost dismantled city and mentality? Are the visions clear? And what are the strategies to achieve the goal or just said to gain the short term popularity? Numerous questions hover in the mind like the clouds in the sky, and most of the answers are clueless.

Instead, micro-management of the metropolitan problems would serve the best for humanity. Proper drainage system, well constructed roads, managed disposal system, safe and supply of pure drinking water, and well and systematized transportation service should be the first priority of the concerned authorities to lesson present difficulties of the citizens.

Our citizens are humble, they do not need more they just need the basic things to make their life smooth going at present. Development is dynamic and is unstoppable but let the citizens live in their natural way.

Bhoj Kumar Dhamala