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Serpent (Evil)

  Serpent is the evil in the Bible That has doomed the entire Humanity in god’s time, it… .....Read More +

Jigsaw Method in Teaching

Our classrooms are still lingering on chalk to talk method but it does not mean that teachers are… .....Read More +

BIMSTEC Restructuring of South/East Asia or Defunct of SAARC

  Kathmandu valley is renovated vigorously for 4th BIMSTEC summit that is to be held from 30 to… .....Read More +

Blockade: Political Blunder or Lesson for Nepal

As Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Nepal is nearing something swirled into my mind. The unofficial two… .....Read More +

China would be beneficial to Nepal

China, neighboring nation and the leading economic power, has been faithful ally to Nepal since time immemorial. Despite… .....Read More +

Hectic Lifestyle and Our Health

Our life is too busy and it is no more surprising to find a person holding two or… .....Read More +

Teaching in Eco-Friendly Classroom

How to protect the environment is what worries the most environmentalists at present. They believe the end is… .....Read More +

Bhutnese, Rohingya, and Nepali Nationalism

Though Nepal is very small in proportion in the world map it has immense heart for those who… .....Read More +

Doklam Standoff and Role of Nepal

  Doklam has become hot cake at present in international political arena. The area is disputed between China… .....Read More +

Twinge of Terai

Nepal is in utter pain at present. Resettlement of the earthquake’s victims is yet unfinished and another natural… .....Read More +

Metropolitan Dream: Mono Rail, Smart Toilets, smart Cities, and Its Reality

We heard the newly elected metropolitan members have envisioned the smart city with monorails running on the elevated… .....Read More +

liberation (Poem)

stealing into you without your notice is something charismatic and adorable proximity of the souls of ages to… .....Read More +

Melamchi Myth, Dusty Roads, and Fate of City Dwellers

Two decades earlier, Late P.M Krishna Prasad Bhattarai had envisioned that residents… .....Read More +