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16 billion, 5 hundred eighty million for Forest Environment

The Government has allocated 16 billion , 5 hundred eighty  million for forest and environment in fiscal year 2018/19. Presenting budget full fledged budget at the Federal Parliament on Tuesday, Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada said that various programs will be organized in public participation for the improvement and development of forest and environment.

The fiscal budget unveiled for the fiscal year 2018/19 is put at 1.5 trillion.

Budget highlights 

1. Water supply, sanitation & modern energy for all in 3 years

2. Pond construction for water conservation

3. Electric public transport will be promoted

4. Organic agriculture will be prioritized

5. Bio-pesticide laboratory in each province

6. Assist in pollution reduction in Kathmandu

7. Swachha Harabhara Pradushanmukta Nepal

8. Electric public transport will be promoted 

9. Biogas for 25,000 families

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