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Conference on ETBT ended with approach to the development of technology

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The School of Science, Sandip University and Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN) has organized an international e-conference to show that the spread of education cannot be stopped where educational institutions are facing lockdown due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

School of Science, Sandip University (Nashik, India) and Biotechnology Society of Nepal (Nepal) jointly organized a three-day International e-Conference on “Emerging Trends in Bioscience and Technology (ETBT-2020)” from 1st to 3rd June.

According to the Convener Prof. Vasudeo Zambare, Dean, School of Science, Sandip University and Mr. Nabin Munankarmi, President, Biotechnology Society of Nepal, this is an international scientific conference that provides a platform for researchers, students and teachers working at different levels in many countries.

The conference focused on variety of topics based on bioscience and technology, including COVID-19 and Pandemic; agriculture and plant biotechnology; natural products, drug discovery; nanotechnology and nanoscienc; bioprocesing; bioengineering; microbiology etc.

The main attraction of the conference was the experts and their lectures from reputed research institutes in USA, Dubai, China, Australia, and Nepal. According to the organizers, the conference was attended by more than 800 students, professors and researchers from around 14 countries.

Prof. Christopher said that biofinery policies are economically important as a sustainable approach to the development of technology and bio-products.

Dr. Rameshwar Adhikari, Director from Tribhuvan University, Nepal appreciated about the successful organization and congratulated to all the organizers and winners of the conference.