Social Work Profession: A Nexus between Humanity and Modern World

Human beings are thriving towards technological advancement and innovations. Everyday human minds with their zeal for exploring the world have gone far beyond the imagination and have made significant impact debunking the concept ‘Impossible’. Humankind is blessed with sophistication with prosperity and luxuries but in the midst of scientific achievement, economic prosperity and technological milestones, we have lost the values of humanity and human values.

Connected by telecommunication and disconnected by the affections, the modern world is heading towards never never land. While we see rich people getting richer, modern world tends to ignore the sentiments of humans which are linked to their culture, religion, communities and families. Modern problems definitely needs the modern solutions but we cannot negate the fact that modern world also needs morals solutions to rejuvenate the human relationships.

On that scenario, social work profession plays vital role to help people to connect them back with communities. Whether it is about helping a people fighting with depression or communities victimized by civil wars and terrorism, social workers play major role to support them and empower them in order to reintegrate them back in societies.

Social work is a globally recognized profession and there are professional bodies that regulate the social work profession, services and licensure in different countries around the world. Most of the western countries, USA and Australia have well recognized the social work profession and is regarded as a highly valued profession. But the scenario is quite different in other parts of the world.

Countries from Middle East, Latin America and South Asia still struggle for proper recognition of social work profession. The scenarios of Nepal are no different, as Nepal is relatively young when it comes to introduction of social work education compared to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Only in 1996 was the first department of social work with Kathmandu university affiliation started with the support of Nirmala Niketan, an Indian social work school. The lack of adherence and synchronization of Government with different universities and stakeholders have doomed the future of social work profession in Nepal.

Social work profession can only be strengthened when social work education is prioritized by government in terms of its capacity and values to empower communities, marginalized people, and other strata of the societies. Besides a narrow concept of seeing social work profession is limited and suffocated profession that finds no way out other than I/NGOs, There is a need of policy level changes to integrate social work profession from local government to federal government. There is a need of integration of social work degrees and profession in societal development affairs and activities which is undertaken by government through their ministries and departments. The government must understand the importance of social work profession and their role in different setting in societies, be it health sector, education sector or as a whole development sector.

In the changing world scenario, it is crucial that the countries all around the globe should understand the essence of social work profession. It should always be remembered that machines have well connected with humans and have ease the daily activities of people but at the same time has dismantled the connection between humans. There is a need of realization that all human are same and equal irrespective of caste, religion, language, geography and race. The coherence between people is must to make the world better place to live in and social work profession is committed to bring humankind back to life from illusionary modern world.

Nature Khabar