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China postpones lifting of ban on trade of tiger and rhino parts

China has postponed the lifting of a ban on the trade of rhino horn and tiger parts for… .....Read More +

World waste could grow 70 percent as cities boom, warns World Bank

Global waste could grow by 70 percent by 2050 as urbanisation and populations rise, said the World Bank… .....Read More +

Delhi backs incentives for clean energy switch to combat pollution

Commuters make their way through heavy smog in New Delhi, India, on October 31, 2016. Photo: Reuters/ Fil… .....Read More +

California battles its biggest ever wildfire, Trump vows support

A sign by the side of the road warns of the threat of wildfires… .....Read More +

Villagers ‘living between life and death’ as Pakistan’s glaciers melt

A view of Badswat village submerged by floodwaters after a glacial lake outburst in… .....Read More +

Koalas starve as residents destroy trees to stop bushfires on Australian island

Animal rescuers on an Australian island off the south coast say koalas are starving to death as residents… .....Read More +

Indonesian villagers kill nearly 300 crocodiles in revenge attack

 Indonesian villagers armed with knives, hammers and clubs slaughtered 292 crocodiles in revenge for the death of a… .....Read More +

Court lets trees live to fight another day in India’s polluted capital

Thousands of trees in New Delhi were given a reprieve following protests by residents and angry editorials, as… .....Read More +

Cow may be biggest mammal if humans keep up extinctions

The spread of humans around the world from Africa thousands of years ago wiped out big mammals in… .....Read More +

Northern China ozone pollution getting worse: study

Concentrations of hazardous ground-level ozone have worsened in northern China despite country-wide efforts to tackle air pollution, according… .....Read More +

Vehicle pollution still rising in Germany: agency

Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions fell in 2017, largely thanks to the closure of coal-fired power plants, but car-makers… .....Read More +

China expects to see heavy air pollution during Lunar New Year

The City skyline is seen amid smog ahead of Chinese Lunar New Year in… .....Read More +

Fossil of school bus-sized dinosaur dug up in Egyptian desert

Artist's life reconstruction of the titanosaurian dinosaur Mansourasaurus shahinae on a coastline in what… .....Read More +