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Wake up ! It’s time for nature

It has been long since we have been careless. We, humans are lost into the materialistic world. We… Read More +

COVID-19 has forced us to reimagine biodiversity conservation

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year to raise awareness and to support action to protect… Read More +


People are busy talking about covid-19 and are trying to save their life from deadliest virus. However farmers… Read More +

Nepal urgently needs to research bats

Bat is one potential reservoir for a host of viruses that cause zoonotic diseases. But it is one… Read More +

Gift of Pandemic

Clear blue skies over the Kathmandu Valley have become a visible mark of the pandemic. It’s a welcome… Read More +

Looming water insecurity in Himalayan towns

A recent study covering 13 towns across four countries – Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan – in the… Read More +


Maladies are chronic and make You suffocate almost all the time Sincerity, devotion, and painstaking Efforts make your… Read More +

‘Gentle Recovery’ of Brazil’s Leatherback Turtles

Brazil's leatherback turtles are making a "gentle recovery" after 30 years of conservation efforts, new research shows. Scientists… Read More +

Rhino release: European parks bring animals to Rwanda

The zoo-born animals will join 18 other eastern black rhinos in Akagera National Park,… Read More +

LCK Tudaldevi organized Mega Health Camp at Sindhupalchowk

Leo club of Kathmandu Tudaldevi organized two days free Mega Health Camp on 24th and 25th of Jestha… Read More +

Climate change: UK government to commit to 2050 target

Greenhouse gas emissions in the UK will be cut to almost zero by 2050, under the terms of… Read More +

World’s largest plant survey reveals alarming extinction rate

Hawaii (pictured) has the highest recorded loss of seed-bearing plant species of anywhere in… Read More +

Civil Society Organizations demand  to fulfill environment related commitments

The world is marking June 5 as World Environment Day with a theme of air pollution . Approximately… Read More +

India Lost 51 Tigers in the First Five Months Since January 2019

Indian tigers have been in the crosshair for centuries and every time we hear the news of a… Read More +

Nature, History and Science Never Write Final Story, Says Army After Sharing Pics of ‘Yeti’ Footprint

  The Indian Army on Monday claimed to have seen a huge footprint of mythical character Yeti near… Read More +