Global Himalayan Expedition wins ICIMOD Mountain Prize 2018

The ICIMOD Mountain Prize Commission Tuesday  announced Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) – facilitator of access to digital education… Read More +

Avalanche hits Icefall section on Mt Everest

An avalanche has hit the Mt Everest route this afternoon, according to the base camp officials. The avalanche… Read More +

First Nepali women Journalists team scripts history on Mt Everest

A team of women journalists successfully climbed Mt Everest this morning, according to base camp officials. “The First… Read More +

Biodiversity – Life insurance for Sustainable development

Today, 22nd May, the globe is celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity with this year’s theme "Celebrating 25… Read More +

Nima Jangmu becomes first Nepali woman to climb Everest, Lhotse this season

A Chinese climber, who lost both his legs to frostbite in 1975 during his first attempt to reach… Read More +

Sherpas aim to open route to Mt Everest summit this afternoon

A team of climbing Sherpas reached the south summit of Mt Everest this morning to open a climbing… Read More +

‘GOING GREEN’ Earth Day 2018

IT'S the planet we live on and is home to more than six billion humans and countless other… Read More +

Cow may be biggest mammal if humans keep up extinctions

The spread of humans around the world from Africa thousands of years ago wiped out big mammals in… Read More +

Battle to save Africa’s elephants is gaining some ground

The elephant keeled over in the tall grass in Tanzania, where some of the world’s worst poaching has… Read More +

‘Smoking’ elephant in India baffles experts

A video of a wild elephant in India blowing out ash from a fire has baffled wildlife experts… Read More +

Experts recommend collective response to common ecosystem risks

South Asia faces the challenge of tackling persistent poverty at a time of rapid and large-scale changes in… Read More +

International Wildlife Workshop Concluded in Chitwan

An international wildlife workshop 2018 has been concluded on 7th February, 2018 at Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal. The workshop… Read More +

Wetland: Resource hub, not disposing site

"Wetland for a sustainable urban future" putting forward this theme for worlds wetlands day in the year 2018… Read More +

Fossil of school bus-sized dinosaur dug up in Egyptian desert

Artist's life reconstruction of the titanosaurian dinosaur Mansourasaurus shahinae on a coastline in what… Read More +

Environmentalists studying deaths of dolphins

In this Friday, December 29, 2017 photo provided by the Instituto Boto Cinza, a… Read More +