Missing Two Rhinos from Parsa

Last year, one rhino was shot by the poacher while traveling from Rautahat to Parsa. The rhino was immediately sent to Chitwan National Park for treatment but unfortunately, it died after 15 days. Two months ago one of the returned rhino was sent to Chitwan National Park for protection. Read More +

No horn please "Awareness rally with Renault"

2017-07-23 15:12:01

Renault Nepal has organized No horn please "Awareness Rally with Renault" to bring together special feeling for social cause. This awareness rally is a short touring of Renault vehicle owners with the theme of "No… Read More +



Nature Video

  • 3 D video of Mt. Everest

    The 16 days treking journey was really hard, but the scenery was very impressed and fantastic. video: jeon.donghee

  • Drones Mapping Landslides following the Gorkha

    ature Video Mustang Nepal The district straddles the Himalayas and extends northward onto the Tibetan plateau. Upper Mustang, the former Lo Kingdom comprises the northern two-thirds of the district. This kingdom was a dependency of the Kingdom of Nepal but…

  • The Story of All of Us (A Short Film)

    The Story of All of Us is a short-film that asks people to look inside their hearts, to unravel the umbilical cord that connects us humans with the forests and every other living being on Earth.

Thai Government Promotes Low-Emission Rice Farming

Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, plan shift from conventional to low-emission rice farming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more… Read More +

DNA Data Storage: Movie Encoded in the Genomes of Living Bacteria.

July 17, 2017

The storage of digital data has been revolutionizing from physical storage devices (tape drives, floppy disk, CD, DVD, memory cards, flash drives and hard drives, etc.) Read More +

First 3D Structures of Active DNA: Update on World DNA Day

April 25, 2017

World DNA Day is celebrated on April 25 each year by the number of countries worldwide. It is celebrated for the discovery of the DNA double helix in 1953 by Watson & crick and the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003. Read More +

World’s First Baby with Three Genetic Parents: DNA Breakthrough

April 15, 2017

The newborn baby inherits genetic material from mother and father but the mitochondrial DNA is inherited solely from the mother. Thus, any type of mitochondrial diseases can easily transfer to her baby causing the similar genetic disorder. To minimize the transmission of such disorder, the defective mitochondria should be removed… Read More +

Molecular Genetic Testing: Prominence and Facilities in Nepal

April 11, 2017

With the most advanced in the academics, the number of students from Nepal are attracted in the field of Human Genetics/Molecular Genetics. There are numerous senior molecular genetics scientist from Nepal, are residing in foreign countries and providing their technical expertise in the research as well as diagnostic sectors. Read More +